Love on the other side

Have you ever sat down and thought of this four letter words “love”, okay you may or not.  I am not doctor love but I will try my best to bring some sense in this context. Soo many people in this world are being driven crazy by this word, some have actually finished there lives due to this four letter words. Mh stop wondering am talking about love between two opposite sex. Love to me I describe it as a daily choice you make to love your don’t just think about loving, it comes with alot of sacrifices and respect too. Everyone deserves to be treated well, to be respected, obeyed, cared for, appreciated, and above all loved. yes you I deserve to be happy… but so do you. Waiting around for something to never happen only promotes the stagnation of life, progression—it halts the future and what it has in store. What so many others of our age forget to remember is this: love isn’t simply choosing to spend your life with someone. It is waking up every day and making the daily choice to spend the rest of your life with them. Love isn’t passive, it’s an action—a daily choice. It’s perpetual.

Love means going an extra mile to see your partner smile, A man who loves you will and would randomly place notes in between book pages because he knows it would make you smile. He would call you at 2am just to tell you he wants to hear your voice. He would drive for 3 hours just to see you for an hour because he misses you. He would send you gifts because he knows you love them. He would text you good morning not because he feels obligated to do so, but because you’re the first thing on his mind from the moment he wakes up. He will do everything to see you happy. 

You deserve to be treated like a choice, not an option. You are not someone’s “maybe.” He would treat you like a priority. He would love you consistently. He would always be there especially whenever you need him. He would make an effort to be with you. He would show you that you are his one and only. Nkt buddies everyone has his /her ways to define love,  I am not doctor love. 

Love is a special thing which occurs every minute thinking about that one person who loves you, someone who has always given you a shoulder to lean on. You don’t deserve to be hurt if you doing the correct thing. Love is not all about sex. Love is a sacred thing made to earn someone ‘s trust who knows it might end up,  you guys becoming one thing in future. 

It doesn’t cost you anything to be faithful to someone. Why hurt a guy or a lady whose idea is to love and cherish his/her partner. If you are not ready I prefer you wait until you ready to love and support your partner emotionally, spiritually and sycologically. Nooo don’t hurt someone who is ready to love you forever. 

Stop hide and seek game, act like mature people. 



A friend in need is a friend indeed. 

I met this beautiful lady back in high school 

We never knew we will meet 

We came from different diversity 

But all in all we managed to become best friends

Many people call us twins 

But the fact is we are just but best friends 

Through our life we have faced ups and downs 

Human is to error 

We don’t always agree in all the things we discuss 

Sometimes we will fight

Sometimes we will hurt one another 

But you know what we always come back and reconcile 

Friendship is not a joke 

But you know what despite all the challenges 

Christ has united us by his blood 

We all know christ and He is our personal savior 

We always have a motto that God is our strength 

He Has brought has from very far 

When we joined high school 

We came in walking with armpit crutches 

Pain and tears were food to our stomach 

Everyday we will face alot of challenges 

This is because we were never used with that life of using an aid 

But all in all we just had to adapt the climate and move on with  life 

Thanks to our teachers and school mates who made our lives better 

“Twins “as they call us 

Every time ones leg will ache 

The other person will face the same challenge 

Pain was always rotating in our bodies 

But we still continued trusting God that one day we will be whole again 

Folks trusting God is the only thing you can do 

Worrying will prevent you from  being happy 

Yes we used to worry about our lives and asking ourselves questions which we never got an answer 

Why us!!! 

What next after all this Pain!!

But still we had hopes that one day we will walk again 

We took many painkillers but all in vain 

One of us will go home frequently for check ups but still it was in vain 

When we were in form two second term one of us stopped using armpits crutches and she started walking with elbow crutch 

The other one was encouraged by one of our teachers to practice walking 

By God’s grace she started walking but still she was limping but atleas,  she was walking 

One of us continued using one crutch 

Until we finished high school 

But all in all God helped us and one of us went for an operation and it was successful 

Right now we are all walking 

Sisterhood has been part and parcel of our lives 

We have lived as sisters

We do many things together 

We share most of the things together 

When one is down our motto is to uplift one another 

God has been so faithful to us and we have seen His grace 

Life sometimes can be so unfair but God in every thing  

We are moving on and with purpose 

As friends forgiveness is part of us 

We don’t carry grudges 

Forgive and forget

It is our delight to serve the lord 

Folks everything is possible with Christ who strengthens us. 

Who could ever say we will walk again 

Who could ever say we will reach this far 

We never knew you will favor us this way and that’s why we are singing this song for you lord.


Have you ever thought of this word forgiveness.?what’s your take on this? How do you deal with forgiveness. How do you deal with the pain which comes with it. 

    Okay, am not an expert when it comes to this but I will try to write something. First I will start to explain the meaning of this word. 

    According to the dictionary forgiveness means to  pardon to waive any negative feeling or desire for punishment

    Forgiveness It’s the hardest thing to give away

    And the last thing on your mind. 

    It always seems impossible to forgive 

    Why do we find it hard for us to forgive. 

    Sometimes you will be hurt by your closest friend 

    One will beg to be forgived but what do we do

    We just give assume and move on 

    Sometimes it’s so painful that when you hear that word you just can’t help it but shed tears 

    Support me or not, you will help that so called friends of yours

    You will do everything to see them happy but what they give in return is there words  filled with abuses and ironically morcharing you. 

    We are humans as they say, man is to error but do you have to hurt someone each and every time, 

    How do you feel when you do that 

    What is your motives when you hurt someone. 

    I know most of my readers will think am talking about boy/girl relationships forgiveness.

    Okay, that can also be included but right here am talking about that so called best friends 

    They say a friend in need  is a friend indeed 

    But when your friend is nowhere to be seen when you need them how do you put it 

    How do you deal with it 

    When he/she hurts you 

    How do you reconcile. 

    Forgiveness (Matthew west) 

    It flies in the face of all your pride

    It moves away the mad inside

    It’s always anger’s own worst enemy

    Even when the jury and the judge

    Say you gotta right to hold a grudge

    It’s the whisper in your ear saying ‘Set It Free’



    It’s the opposite of how you feel

    When the pain they caused is just too real

    It takes everything you have just to say the word

    I forgive you 

    Forgive and forget 

    And move on with a purpose 

    It’s not necessary !!! 

    Does worrying make your life  any better 

    Does it help you or make you thinner and thinner and at long last make you  say goodbye even before your day comes?

    Does it bring food on your table?

    Do you gain or loose?

    Why do you have to continue worrying about life?

    You know what? Nature has its own way of rewarding.

    If you want nature to reward you with good or bad stuff, you only have to choose the reward you want. 

    I believe that everyone in this life has a painful story to tell.

    May it be death of loved ones, diseases, heartbreaks; name them!

    But do you have to make your past events lead to you taking your life before your day? 

    Why do you have to allow ulcers to come on your way just because of you worrying each and every moment?

    Don’t you know that your heart is a very precious thing and should be taken care of? Do you?

    Every good or bad seed is sowed from the heart and  is reaped through our actions and words!

    May it  be the hard times you are going through, you will reap whatever you sow 

    Folks let’s live a life at a time 

    Avoid taking all the baggage with you 

    Don’t you know there is God in heaven who is always watching over you?

    Why don’t you rest your case on Him?

    Just give it all to Him, he cares, loves and wants you to always be well.

    Avoid stressing yourselves each and every time.

    Life has alot of things to offer.

    Live a life at a time.

    One question for you 

    I have a question and it needs an answer 

    Parents, what do you expect from your kids?

    You take care of them since the first day they come into this Godly given world.

    But after they  become a teenagers what do you do? 

    Some parents say they start advising their kids 

    Some says they leave their kids to teachers, pastors etc 

    Is it too hard for parents to talk with their kids 

    How do You expect your kids to behave well when you don’t advise them?

    Teenage is a stage where most of the kids go astray just because parents don’t involve them  in talks 

    How do you expect your kids to be engineers,  journalists, neurosurgeons etc? 

    But do you make sure you find mentors for them to achieve what you want them to become. 

    Do you go an extra mile to find maybe a  mentor if you can’t talk one on one with your kids 

    What do you fear? Just telling your kids what they are supposed to do,,  

    Just telling your kids what nature will teach them if they won’t follow the advices. 

    I asked one parent if he talks with his daughter and the answer was her mumshould talk with her 

    Hey men!  that girl is yours, you either talk to her  or leave nature to have its own way of rewarding you for your mistakes 

    Now when you say your wife will  talk with your own daughter what is your part? Isn’t that girl yours as well?

    Some parents will be so strict to their kids. Some enroll them to boarding schools and to tuitions soon as they land home after school closes.

    What time do you get to talk to your children. They need company and warmth from their parents. We all do!

    Parents forget the same kids will be done with high school and they will join colleges and universities. This is accompanied by a lot of freedom. No one tells you to wake up,  go to class, avoid bad company. The world once again introduces immeasurable opportunities to take. Good and bad equally. 

    Some kids will involve themselves in clubbing, drug abuse etc. Our girls may involve themselves in sexual immoralities. How far is too far? Who will guide these folks on this?

    When you go home and the same parents realise you are pregnant or you involved yourself in drugs, condemnations starts. Not to mention some who so audibly and ironically disown their own! 

    Some parents, in kindness and sincere love, support the Teen. What is preferable?  Prevention or cure?

    Shit does happen. If all parents were responsible, social ills related to teenage would be minimal! 

    Parents take your  responsibilities. Remember ;Prevention is better than cure 

    Have fun and enjoy reading this..  

    I know where my shoes pinches, I still walk on 

    For the first seven years of my life, I

    was a healthy, happy-go-lucky child.

    Then one day, I accidentally slipped

    and fell on a river bank while

    fetching water near my home in

    Machakos and the course of my life

    was altered forever.

    When you grow up in the village

    playing outdoors, it was normal to

    get skinned knees. Thinking that this

    was the usual injury that would go

    away on its own, it did not occur to

    me to report that I had fallen and

    hurt myself. The effects of the fall

    also took some time to show. At first,

    there was just a mild pain in my hip.

    Then I began limping. This was when

    my parents noticed and took me to a

    nearby hospital where I was

    examined and given pain killers.

    Once home, however, the pain

    continued growing. Each time I

    complained, I would be taken to

    another hospital and given yet

    another dose of painkillers.

    I have noticed that people

    treat me differently. My

    peers now want to

    associate with me. I do

    not get it. Back then,

    when I needed a shoulder

    the most, my friends

    were few and far

    between. Now I have

    plenty to choose from.

    Then in 2010, after two years of

    being in and out of hospital as an

    outpatient, I was finally diagnosed as

    having a growth in my knee and the

    doctor prescribed crutches. Yes. You

    read that right. This was a turning

    point in my life. I was barely 13.


    Before then, I had been just a child

    with a constant pain in the leg. With

    the prescription, I became a

    physically disabled child. Yet, I had

    not been born with a disability.

    Nothing I had lived through so far

    had prepared me for this. Coming at

    an age when I felt like I needed to fit

    in with my peers, my self-esteem

    took a hit. Scratch that. It took a

    major blow. I remember lying in bed,

    crying and saying over and over

    again that I wanted to die.

    Thankfully, my mother would not let

    me give up. She made sure that I

    learnt to use the crutches and that I

    remained in school.The following year, I was admitted to

    the Joytown School for the physically

    disabled in Thika for my secondary

    education. Here, for the first time, I

    felt like I belonged. No one was

    pointing fingers or stopping to stare

    at me. I made friends. I was

    surrounded by people with even

    bigger struggles than I had and this

    motivated me to keep going.

    The pain was still there but I now

    had a renewed purpose. I was going

    to work hard at school and pursue

    journalism so that I could become a

    voice for the disabled in the remote

    areas of the country, the ones who

    did not have a supportive family or

    parents who were not as determined

    as mine were.


    Then in December 2014, after four

    years of using crutches, something

    else happened. A doctor at St. Mary’s

    hospital in Nakuru discovered that I

    had gotten a wrong diagnosis. I did

    not have a growth in my knee. What

    I had been ailing from for seven

    years was a dislocation of my hip

    joint. I was operated on that same

    month and once again set off on my

    journey to recovery.

    This part of the journey was taxing.

    A few weeks after the surgery, it was

    discovered that my right was actually

    shorter than the left. This meant that

    I had to use a raised shoe. I had new

    problem on my hands. Or foot if you

    will. Once again, I started attracting

    even more stares. This was around

    the time that I was joining college.

    The practical part of my journalism

    classes became a challenge. I could

    not hold a camera standing or be on

    my feet for prolonged periods.

    Outside the lecture halls, making

    friends became yet another

    challenge. Rather than try too hard, I

    choose to spend more time in my

    room either reading or watching

    movies. When I went out, it was to

    the National Council for People with

    Disability where I played sitting

    volleyball. Even when I was not

    playing, I would still go. It was a

    chance to interact with people like

    me, people who understood my



    Two years later, in 2016, my leg had

    stretched enough for me to give up

    the raised shoe and the crutches. It

    was as if I had gotten another chance

    to live my life without a disability.

    Looking back, I think my biggest

    problem was not the stigma I felt

    from those around me. My biggest

    problem was accepting myself. I do

    not think that I ever accepted my


    My desire to speak for the voiceless is

    still as deep as it was when I was

    student at Joytown. I am now a

    journalism student at Mahanaim

    Educational College. I still want to

    tell stories about the vulnerable in

    the society.

    Twice a week, I have physiotherapy

    at the National Council for People

    with Disability. In the past year that I

    have been without my limp and

    without the crutches, I have noticed

    that people treat me differently. My

    peers now want to associate with me.

    I do not get it. Back then, when I

    needed a shoulder the most, my

    friends were few and far between.

    Now I have plenty to choose from.

    SO I RELAX ! POEM    

    1. This monster is driving a lot of people crazy

    Folks why should you give up in life

    I have undergone pains and struggles

    Sometimes wells of tears were food to my stomach 

    But he reminded me He is unfathomable God.

    And so I relax.
    2. Have walked with crutches for 7 years

    I remember tears, pain and stress I used to undergo.

    I asked God why me.

    But He still reminded me He is unfathomable God

    And so I relax.

    3. Who could ever say I will ever walk again

    Who could ever say I will walk without limping

    But he still reminded me He is closer than a brother

    And he has no intentions of leaving me nor forsaking me 

    And so I relax.
    Now you see why I live the moment?

    No worry, no struggle, no rush, no average 

    Just perfect life 

    And so I relax.